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Thanks for your interest in working with me - I'm glad you're here!

The thought of talking to someone about the personal and intimate details of our lives can leave many of us feeling uneasy. Choosing to talk about our sexuality and romantic relationships can feel even more vulnerable.

No matter the client or concern, my primary focus is that clients feel safe, respected, and comfortable in order to talk openly and honestly about the their experiences, thoughts, and feelings.

It's also important that the therapist you choose is not only experienced and qualified, but that you feel they are a good fit for you and can competently address your concerns.

To help you decide if I could be the right therapist for you, I have provided some information about myself and my services below. If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Areas of Expertise

I love working with clients who want to reconnect with their own sexuality and/or connect more intimately and romantically with their partner.

My areas of expertise includes managing Low Sexual Interest/Libido, Mismatched Sexual Desires, Sexual Incompatibility, Sexual Arousal and Orgasmic Difficulties, Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Affairs, Pornography, Sexual Abuse and Sexual Trauma.

But sex is so much more than a physical act. It can let us feel close to our partner. It can allow us to experience pleasure, safety, affection, and love. But in order for sex to be "good" our relationship needs to be functioning in a healthy, loving, and respectful way. Although my specialty is sex, I take the approach that sex does not function in isolation. It's critical to my work with clients that we also address the pieces around sex.

As such I often work with clients who experience a wide range of personal and relational concerns including (but not limited to) Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Marriage Dissatisfaction, Affairs, Dissolution of Trust, Communication Breakdown, and the navigation of life transitions, such as the entry into Parenthood.


Therapy is billed at $120 per 60-minute session. A one-hour session includes 55 minutes for therapeutic consultation and 5 minutes for payment and future bookings.

*Please note: I do not provide direct billing to insurance companies and that many insurance policies (including Blue Cross) do not cover Individual, Couple & Family Therapy.

My office is conveniently located just outside of downtown Winnipeg, at 226 Osborne Street North (between York and Broadway, near the Winnipeg Art Gallery) in unit 206.

Free 2-hour parking is available on Osborne Street immediately outside of the building except between the hours of 3:30pm and 5:30pm. If your appointment is during this time there is 2-hour free parking on Colony Street, behind the building.

Location & Parking


Appointments may be requested through any one of the following methods:

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