Sarah Hunter Murray
Sarah Hunter Murray
Sex Researcher & Relationship Therapist

Sarah Hunter Murray, PhD

Relationship Therapist. Sex Researcher. Author.

author of the New Book:

"Not Always in the Mood:                                                                                      
The New Science of Men, Sex & Relationships"

...Coming January 2019!



We get so much wrong when it comes to sex.

We make assumptions, feel awkward asking questions and, as a result, we rely in many myths about the way sex is, or the way we think sex should be.

Over a decade ago, I began dedicating my academic and professional career to understanding the complexities and nuances of sexual desire. I was - and continue to be - fascinated by when we want sex, how we want sex, and what impacts our desire.

I am particularly passionate about exposing how social norms and expectations about sex impact men, women, and their intimate relationships.

Today I am a regularly sought-after sex expert for media outlets including Men's Health, Fashion Magazine, Elle, and Today's Parent and my research has been featured in LiveScience,, Jezebel and The Globe and Mail among others.

I also author a blog for Psychology Today entitled "Myths of Desire" and a Series on how to have better sex for

I am a Relationship Therapist practicing under the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (AAMFT) and I specialize in working with individuals and couples who experience sexual and intimacy concerns.


Dr. Murray's research, relationship advice, and therapeutic insights have been profiled and syndicated in several news outlets.

In October 2017, Cosmopolitan Magazine included Sarah on their list of "Good Sex Pioneers"

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